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Our friends are going on vacation and we offered to watch their 5-month-old Golden Doodle at our house.  Did I mention that he’s a puppy?  A really large puppy?  And he’s as cute as a button.  With more energy than the Energizer Bunny on a Pogo stick.

jeter 1

I checked with my husband, MacGyver, and the kids, and they were all happy to have a puppy in our house for a few days.  The only one who did not approve this guest is Chopin, our dog.

Yes, we have a French dog with a French name, of course.  Bien sûr.  Chopin is his given name, however we also call him Fluffy, along with a list of derivatives of that name such as Fluff, Fluffin, Fluffy Puppy, Flufferdog, and Fluffernut.  And he ignores all the names equally well.

(With the exception of moi, all of the creatures in our house have that trait – selective hearing.  Does that happen at your house, too?)

I’m going to call our guest dog Teddy, because he is as soft and cuddly as a Teddy Bear and, because our family dog has multiple names, our guest dog should, too, right?  N’est-ce pas? 

If these dogs could talk, this is what they’d be saying.

jeter 7

Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  (not in the picture, trying to blend in with the snow to avoid playing)

jeter 6

Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  My age is 50 in people years.  I’d really rather not.

jeter 4Teddy:  I want to play.  Hey!  There’s a squirrel!

Fluffy:  (smiling) Now’s my chance to escape.

jeter 3Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  I didn’t escape fast enough.  Darn it!  Zut alors!

jeter ears (2)

Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  Your ears fly up when you jump and pounce like a cat.  Silly puppy.

jeter 5Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  If you absolutely insist, I will run around with you for a few minutes, Silly Ears.

jeter 2

Teddy:  I want to play.

Fluffy:  This is not nearly as much fun for me as it is for you.  And did anyone ever tell you that you’re really big for a 5-month-old?

jeter tongue (2)

Teddy:  I want to play!  Or I’ll stick my tongue out at you.

jeter 11

Teddy:  I want to play! Please?

A few minutes later, back inside the house…

chopin sleeping

Fluffy:  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

jeter 12Teddy:  Why won’t Fluffy play with me?

And because Fluffy doesn’t want to play, then I have to be Teddy’s playmate, which is a full-time job.  This is great because everyone knows that I have a full staff who will take care of the laundry, cooking, laundry, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, and laundry for our family…Wait!  I am the staff!

Make no bones about it.  We are I am going to be very busy playing for the next few days.  The laundry will get done…eventually!