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There’s a major snowstorm a-brewing today.

The weatherman says 8 to 12 coming our way.

I love winter, to a certain extent.

The snow is wonderful and our time is well-spent.

(I just know that poem is Nobel Prize-worthy.  Please do not reprint without permission!)

These are some of the things we like to do when it snows.

snow heart (2)

We make snow hearts.

snow cakesWe “bake” snow cakes.

woods snow 2We take walks in the woods.

snowball ready

In the woods, always beware of snowball attacks!

snowboard ski snowWe ski and snowboard.

igloo snowWe build igloos.  This has only happened two times that I can remember.  You need the perfect snow and weather combinations to produce snow that can be cut into chunks.  Notice the bare patch behind the red-hooded son?  That is where we cut all of the snow chunks to build the igloo.

snow cafe

We I make vats full of hot cocoa and café au lait.

Does it snow where you live?  What do you do when it snows?  Whatever it is, enjoy!