Weekly Photo Challenge – New – Nouveau – Bonne année


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Bonne année!  (Happy New Year!) Bonne année literally translates “Good year,” and I do wish you a good and healthy year!

However, the Weekly Photo Challenge word is not good; it is NEW.

At first glance, you may ask yourself why I would add this picture to a photo contest challenge.  It is over-exposed and blurry.  If you look closely, the sunlight that caused the over-exposure also created very faint rainbow striations through the picture which made it a bit more interesting – at least to moi.

g chopin walk woods (608x608)

Every new day (or new picture) is an opportunity for each of us to notice something wonderful, to cherish the little things, and the big things too, like the people we love. Although it is a poorly photographed and simple picture, it represents some cherished things to me.  First and foremost the big things – I cherish my daughter, my dog, and the opportunity to share conversation with my tween.  Next, we enjoyed a few often unnoticed but wonderful little things – an unseasonably warm winter day, a quiet country road, fresh air, mild exercise, and a photographer’s mistake that allowed for the faint rainbow colors across the picture.

It is a new year.  Remember to look for the wonder and the wonderful, large and small.   Cherish those you love and love with all your heart.  Each morning is a new day.  Enjoy!