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This week’s photo challenge is Infinite.  “To Infinity and Beyond,” was Buzz Lightyear’s mantra in Toy Story.  Infinite makes me think of infinity, which leads me to thoughts of the sky and space.

From this angle, the tree top reaches up through the clouds and is infinite.  If you could climb it, Jack in the Beanstalk would be up there.

infinite 1 (447x640)

The rays of sunlight are infinite over the corn field.infinite 3

The clouds seem to go on forever, as does the road trip sometimes, depending upon the passengers riding with you.

infinite 4And then there are boys.  The amount of time it will take me to understand them is infinite.  It started as a simple game of Frisbee.

infinite 8

Let me back up.  It started as a simple game of Frisbee with ONE Frisbee.  But if one is fun, three would be three times more fun.  So they tried to keep three in the air at once.  I was too busy ducking and covering my head to take pictures while that was happening.  This turned into jumping off of the porch to catch the Frisbee in mid air, because you know, what is fun on the ground will be more fun in the air…

infinite 5

which became a game of jumping off the porch with a plastic gun, like they do in the movies when there is an explosion, and then tucking and rolling across the grass from however high up in the air they are.

infinite 6

There are no words for this, in English or in French.  So much for a simple game of Frisbee.

Boys!  They are like aliens to me, from outer space, infinity and beyond.

I remain, respectfully yours, in an infinite state of bewilderment about boys and their “bigger, better, faster, more” beliefs –