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My son participated in a karate tournament at a resort.  It just so happened that in that resort, the staff departments were having a pumpkin decorating contest.  I enjoyed the tournament because my son was participating, but the artistic side of me was happy to see the pumpkin contest, too.  These four were most interesting to me – four very different types of pumpkin decorating.

pumpkin 4 pumpkin 3 pumpkin 2 pumpkin 1

Hope you enjoy the pumpkins and Happy Hallowe’en!


P.S.  The French are more inclined to celebrate All Saint’s Day (Toussaints) and All  Souls Days on November 1 and 2, than they are to celebrate Hallowe’en, however, I was able to find two French pumpkins (la citrouille).

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Kate Kunath/Getty Images

I can’t decide which one of these is my favorite!

from Sara

from Sara