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When life gives you lemons, have a festival!  That’s what they do in Menton, France.  Each February, the Mentonaisse host the Fête de Citron or Lemon Festival.  It is akin to the Rose Bowl Parade, however, they use citrus instead of flowers.  This year’s theme is Around the World in 80 Days, to commemorate the 80th year of the festival.

– Courtesy The Sun, UK

And in case the festival is not enough to persuade you to visit France in February, please note that Menton is located on the French-Italian border, on the French Riviera.  Oh là là!

Courtesy of The Washington Post

They offer food, fun, fireworks, and a festival of lights in the evening.  The Garden of Lights or Jardins de Lumières looks like a spectacular show.

What prompted this post about lemons, you ask?  Knowing my fondness for all things French, a sweet and generous friend presented me with these lovely, lemon plates from Limoges.

lemon 1

The whole lemon.

lemon 2

Peeling the lemon.

lemon 3

Cut the whole lemon in half.

lemon 4

Half of the lemon.

lemon 5

Lemon seeds!

All of this lemony goodness had me scouring the internet for recipes for LimoncelloLemon Mousse, and Lemon Tarts.  I’m off to the store to buy lemons, just as soon as I quench my thirst with a big, tall glass of lemonade.

Have a nice lemony day!  Bonne journée avec les citrons!