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The Weekly Photo Challenge is Create or Créer.

In the woods, my kids have a lot of time to create things.

Here, my son created a piece of artwork, a sculpture.  He calls it “Ten Nails Balancing on One Nail in a Piece of Yellow Clay.”  Yes, my kids do artwork with rusty nails.  (If I had known this artwork was under construction, I would have insisted on shiny, new nails, but the work was completed by the time I saw it.)  Living in the woods where the kids have to make their own entertainment, in addition to playing with rusty nails, they also play in the street, catch snakes, play with matches, and sometimes, they even run with scissors.

Inspired by the artwork of author and illustrator Lindsay Barrett George‘s book The Secret, my son created this collage from items found in the woods.  He added some silk flowers and drew in a bird, a spider, and I believe there were also some tiny insects near the rocks.  He gets his artistic talent from my father, the faux Van Gogh.  

We create landscapes for our plastic army guys.  Notice how stealthily they are sneaking along the edge of the cliff or the side of the building or whatever that is supposed to be.  Imagination!

At times, it gets lonely here in the woods and we have to create our own friends.

At a lake, kids and friends, making sand castles and creating memories.

Create a happy summer!  Créez un été heureux! 

French Twisted Woman