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Weekly Photo Challenge:  Close – Près

This picture was taken a few days ago at PetSmart.  I don’t know anything about the mating rituals of the gecko or lizard.  Maybe they’re just huddling together to stay warm.  Whatever the reason, they were close to each other.

I always thought that a reptile would NOT make a good pet because I think of a pet as being something warm and snuggly.  These are warm and appear to be snuggly, at least with each other.  I would still prefer a warm, snuggly, and furry pet.

This is the center of a poppy, close up.  Celebrate things up close.  Flowers, food, French.  Indulge in them.

And he almost caught it.  The ball was in his glove for a moment.  Very close, and then it was gone.

I hope that you enjoy your day!  J’espère que vous appréciez votre jour.

French Twisted Woman