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Please don’t get discouraged

because I am so small,

and always leave my fingerprints

on furniture and walls.

For every day I’m growing,

I’ll be all grown up one day,

and all my tiny hand prints,

will surely fade away.

Here is a permanent hand print,

just so you can recall,

exactly how my fingers looked,

when I was very small.

My kids made these hand prints with the accompanying poem in pre-school.  This makes me cry every time I read it.  Life goes so fast.  Don’t miss it!

I cropped the photos of hands above for the Weekly Challenge.  Below are the original photos, uncropped.

Feeding chipmunks.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

A ferocious mouse from the Nutcracker Ballet.  Raise your hands.

Making pepperoni rolls – yum!  Helping hands.

Up in a tree with his brother.  So high up that I don’t even want to know how many feet off of the ground they are.  This is one of the tallest trees around and it is best that I don’t know about these things until I get the report after it has happened and everyone is safe.  Boys.  They’re a handful!

Hands down – this was one of the most fun Weekly Photo Challenges to date.

Heart in hand, la coeur en les mains,

French Twisted Woman