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Living in the “woods” (and not the 8th Arrondissement of Paris where I could be gazing at the Eiffel Tower and strolling along the banks of the Seine), we see quite a bit of wild life.  

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of our Dumpster-diving bear.

Recently, MacGyver discovered another Dumpster diver.

Caught in the act, but look how cute he is!  (That is MacGyver’s finger in the right side of the picture.  He took these with his phone.  His hands are large and the phone is small, so we are fortunate to be able to see the raccoon.)

“Please, rescue me,” begged the raccoon.  And so, MacGyver did.

He “MacGyvered” a raccoon rescue contraption using pieces of lumber.  He placed one piece inside and one piece outside of the Dumpster to make ramps.  The raccoon climbed out and was on his way.  Unlike the bear, I don’t think the raccoon will be back any time soon.

And the robin’s eggs?  They have hatched.

Day 1 – There are four.  I hope they all survive.  We’re getting attached to them.  We want to name them, and feed them and make them little bird blankets.  Not really, but they do look cold.

Two days after hatching, they look uncomfortable and naked.  It seems that in just two days, they’ve grown a bit.  They are already taking up a larger portion of the nest.

At four days old, they’re looking a little more like birds with more pronounced wings and a few more feathers.  And the nest is looking really full now.

And here, they are about a week old.  Clearly, the nest is overflowing.  They will be flying away soon.  Just like my kids.

We will be sad to see them leave.  However, I was pulling weeds yesterday when a robin began scolding me loudly, which meant I was near her nest.  I stood up and discovered…

another nest with three eggs.  One nest will be empty and another one will be full of baby birds.  

That’s life!  C’est la vie!

French Twisted Woman