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Unfocused?  I usually delete my pictures that are out of focus, however, I was able to find a few.  

For a couple of the Weekly Photo Challenges, such as the one entitled Two Subjects, I knew which photo I would submit as soon as I heard the title.  But for Unfocused, there was not one particular photo that came to mind.  I began searching.

I pulled up a few from the archives which you’ll find below.  However, first, I Googled “Free Online Photo Effects” and found Rollip.  This is fun to use if you don’t have your own Photo Effects software.

I put a perfectly good, focused photo into Rollip.  There are 40 effects to choose from, but I liked the unfocused look of this one.  I can still see the patterns of the galvanized steel in the pitcher, which is in the center of the photo, but moving away from the center, the subject becomes more and more unfocused.

Have you ever used a word so many times you wonder if you’re using it correctly?   Unfocused, unfocused, unfocused.  Is that the same as out of focus?  Or not in focus?  Should the photo be in focus but the subject be unfocused, not out of focus?  Do you see what I mean?  Unfocused.  This subject is causing me to become unfocused.

Below are my un-retouched, unfocused photos.

The center of a Poppy flower.  Looking at this makes me feel like I should put glasses on to correct my vision so it would be in focus and not unfocused.

One of my sons in the woods, camouflaged by the unfocused trees.

Although the ballerina is completely out of focus, she is focused on her move and is still in beautiful form.  (She happens to be French, so she is my French Twist on this post.)

The photo of the shark in the aquarium is unfocused, however, he appears to be focused on whatever little fish he is pursuing for his next snack.  Note the beady eye and the sharp teeth.  Jaws!

And finally, an unfocused photo with unfocused subjects.  This picture is simply sad all the way around.  They all look like they just woke up, or are ready to go to sleep.  Or maybe they are going to cry.  Completely unfocused subjects.

As dwellers in the woods of Pennsyltucky, it is imperative that we attend the annual County Fair.  And that’s where this photo was taken.  It doesn’t look like anyone is having fun.  I don’t think we’ll need to go again next year. Instead, we will stay at home and focus.

I wish you a good weekend!  Je vous souhaite un bon week-end!


P.S.  I would love to know which is your favorite if you have time to comment.  Merci!