I love French – it’s so romantic when you hear it spoken.  It makes everything sound beautiful.  It’s also a Romance language, like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.  And although they sound romantic, that it not why they are called Romance languages.  They are known as Romance languages because they are derived from Latin, language of the Romans and what could be more UNromantic than Spartacus and Caligula and public gladiatorial spectacles of death!  Even though I am aware that their origins are from the Roman’s languages, I prefer to believe that they are truly the languages of romance.  Sigh…

If you enjoy listening to spoken French, I highly recommend a visit to  http://onethinginafrenchday.podbean.com/ Follow along with the written words in English or French as Laetitia narrates, in French, an event in a typical day from her life near Paris.  And her accent … bien sûr, c’est parfait!  In a few minutes, you can improve your French ear and your accent, or simply add a beautiful bit of French to your day.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

À bientôt,