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We have been invited to a child’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and the party has a theme – Wild Birds.  There will be many young chicks, old hens, a few old buzzards, and one or two snow birds there, too.  If anyone asks how you gathered this information, tell them a little bird told you.

I thought about buying a bird sweater to wear to the party.  You don’t need to use your eagle eyes to see the birds in sweaters like this…

or this…

or maybe this…

And then I decided to go without a bird sweater.  A bird sweater?  That’s for the birds!

On a lark, I decided to wear this instead – simple and classic.  It’s always best to feather your nest (or your closet) with classics.  And I’ll add a little bit of wild bird, birthday party fun with the scarf and coral bracelets.

Casual Saturday Afternoon


I want people to remember ME, not a bird-brained sweater and my crow’s feet.  And my hair will be in a French Twist, bien sûr.

My hair will NOT look like this.  This bird.  This hat.  This bird-hat bird really has a bird’s eye view.  Who would actually wear this?  They would have to be one silly goose or just crazy as a loon!

I wonder if they’ll serve sunflower seeds at the party.  Or Bird’s Nest Soup?  Or Chicken Wings?

I hope you get to fly the coop and be free as a bird this weekend.

Have fun!  Bon week-end!