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Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds in canyons of steel.  They’re making me feel…I’m home!

(From Autumn in New York song lyrics)

I had the opportunity to go into the city recently.  “The city” is New York, which happens to be the closest major, metropolitan city to where we live here in the woods of Pennsyltucky.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit New York, I hope you’ll take advantage of it. The City is truly all that, and more!  As much as I feel like I belong in the city while I am there, (New York really does offer something for everyone), I am always glad to return home to the peace and quiet night sounds of the woods.  Lately the owls have been hooting and the coyotes have been howling.   In reality, they hoot and howl all of the time, but it’s just recently become warm enough to sleep with the windows open again, so now we can hear them.  Where was I?  Back to New York…

Or, on to Polyvore.  That is the site I used to compose the picture below.  If you are not familiar with Polyvore, I will let you know before you go there to visit, that it is a dangerous place.  I think it’s highly addictive.  This could be a bigger time-waster than Facebook and Pinterest combined.

What is Polyvore?

  1. Polyvore is a fashion community site featuring unlimited style inspiration, virtual shopping, and real shopping.  It’s like having a never-ending supply of virtual clothes at your fingertips.  Dangerous.  Very, very dangerous.
  2. Say you have an odd, yellow/green colored shirt, but you don’t know what color pants, skirt, shoes, or jacket to wear with it.  Find your shirt or a similar one on Polyvore, then try a variety of colors and styles to see what works.
  3. Plan a vacation wardrobe on the computer without having to take everything out of your closet.
  4. The items in Polyvore include the manufacturer and price and are linked to the seller’s website.  Click and purchase.  Danger, danger, danger!
  5. You can experiment more quickly and easily by mixing and matching clothes virtually.  You simply type in “teal t-shirt” and “floral skirt”, find styles that you like, click, and drag them to the template area to create an outfit.
  6. Paper dolls for adults!  Try it.  It’s fun!
Day Trip to NYC

The outfit that I wore to NYC is pictured above.  Not trendy or exciting.  Just basic, classic, and easy.  Now, if I were brave, courageous, and daring, like my friend (mon amieMistress Bliss, I would post photos of myself in these clothes.  She even includes some photos of herself in 1980s, JC Penney Model style poses on her blog.  Check her out.  She is great!

The weather was a little cool in New York, so I was glad to have the jacket and scarf.  If it was too warm inside, I removed the scarf and still had the necklace underneath to add interest.  The flat shoes were perfect for walking in the city.

What do you think?  Qu-est-ce que tu penses?  Is this something you would wear?  It worked in NYC.  Would it work in Paris?

And if you try Polyvore, let me know what you think.