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After my son, and the piece of my heart, and the bus left yesterday, I noticed this tree on the school grounds.  I like trees.  This is a big, old tree.  I didn’t get close enough to determine what type of tree it is, but from the close-ups taken with the zoom lens, it looks like it may be a sycamore.  But I did notice that it looks like there is a person dancing out of the center of the tree.  Huh?

Please use your imagination.  I’ve labeled it for you in case you are an exclusively left-brain thinker.  I just might be an asset to the Disney Imagineers staff with this imagination.  What do you think?  Watch out Walt Disney!

It also reminded me of a high school art class, where we learned about Edvard Munch.  “The Scream.”  Do you see it?

That is the end of our art-lesson-in-a-tree for today.

The next time you wish to avoid mountains of laundry or housecleaning in general, take a few moments, or an hour or two, and look at some trees, kick some stones, or smell the flowers.  Do you have a favorite tactic that you use to avoid certain chores?

I’m off now to apply for a job to be a telecommuting Imagineer with the Disney group.  That’s the Disneyland Paris group, in France, bien sûr!