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The Photo Challenge this week is Renewal – Renouvellement.  Renewal makes me think of Spring, flowers, and babies.

And that reminds me of something Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a character on The Big Bang Theory, said when he was invited to spend an evening with ‘the girls.’  The men all had other plans so the women invited him to tag along with them.  He responded, “A girl’s night? Oh, I don’t know if I’m up for an evening talking about rainbows, unicorns, and menstrual cramps.”  See how that reminded me of “Spring, flowers, and babies”?  (It’s funnier if you watch the show and know his character.)  Moving on…Renewal.

A singing songbird to start the day,

A flower growing through the weeds in its way,



A sunrise showing through the fog,


Gold Witches Butter growing on an old log,


A cute little baby with a silly hat,

It’s all about renewal, and that is that!

Enjoy your day –