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Three completely unrelated things from this weekend that I’d like to share with you.

1.  The Dallas Cowboys played the Philadelphia Eagles and the testosterone-laden members of my family were glued to the TV.  While on some mission to clean up or put something away, I passed through the room.  I glanced at the TV and couldn’t take my eyes off of the Cowboys’ uniforms.

Their pants are the most beautiful shiny, shimmery, aquamarine/sea-foam green color fabric that I have ever seen.  They glisten the color of mermaid tears.  This fabric would make a gorgeous gown!

Having no idea what was happening in the game and also not caring (sorry, football fans), I was in awe seeing that beautiful color on the football field, and simply commented, “Wow!  The Cowboys really have pretty outfits!”  And then I left the room.

The Home Depot Christmas Light Trade-In Program

2.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post this, but if you take your old Christmas lights to Home Depot to recycle before November 14, they will give you up to $5 off the purchase of a new string of lights.

This picture was taken on October 10 at Home Depot, before Hallowe’en!  If you are in the market for 20′ tall, inflatable decorations, Home Depot has them, too.

3.  We are well into apple season in the northeast.  I made applesauce this weekend and will be making more to freeze this week and that will be another post.  It is incredibly easy to make.  Only one ingredient – apples!

Because it is so sweet, the French eat applesauce or apple compote as a dessert.  I attempted to convince my kids that applesauce was dessert last night.  They said that applesauce for dessert was fine, as long as it was served over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Happy Monday!