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Ladurée, the most famous Parisian Café, pastry shop, and tea salon, recently introduced their two Incroyables (Unbelievable) macaron flavors – Lemon-Lime and Violet – as well as the July and August pastry creations to commemorate their 150th Anniversary.  I attempted to copy and paste the newsletter here, but it did not transfer very well.  Please click here to view the newsletter in its original form so you can see the beautiful color of the Violet macaron.  The entire newsletter looks delicious!

Even if you have no interest in Ladurée or macaron flavors, take a moment to gaze at the July pastry pictured above, Le Butterfly.  It is a work of art.  I can almost taste it – a poppy cream mousse with Yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit) and Mara des Bois (a type of wild, French strawberry) nestled between a pair of strawberry macaron shells.  My heart is beating in a way that indicates I may swoon simply from imagining the taste of this macaron.

Ladurée’s traditional summer macaron flavors are listed below.  Several of these make me swoon as well.

  • Iced Mint (The Tiffany blue color of this one with white filling is so enticing – see the photo in the newsletter.  The cool, minty flavor comes through in the photo.)
  • Green Apple
  • Lime Basil
  • Strawberry Poppy
  • Ghana Chocolate
  • Orange Blossom

The only one that I am not craving is the Lime Basil.  I would like to taste it, but that does not sound like a swoon-worthy flavor.

Food is meant to be beautiful and dreamy and delicious.  We should all eat as the French do, celebrating life, enjoying it, indulging in it!

Do any of these macaron flavors make your heart sing?

Dreaming of food,
Swooning over macarons,
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