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I had my camera out while I was working in the yard because I spotted this Black Swallowtail on a honeysuckle bush and wanted to take a picture of it.  Every time I focused and got ready to push the button – away it would fly to another flower.  Finally, I captured it.

And this is what the honeysuckle flower looks like, in case you weren’t able to see through the butterfly.

Back to the yard work.  I decided to focus my efforts on this area on the side of the house that was in need of weeding and raking.  See the mound of dried grass in the top, center of the photo, near the house foundation?

I assumed that the kids had put it there.  I walked over and picked up the big pile of dried grass… (not even considering that it could be a snake nest!)

…and this is what I found.  I was wearing gloves, so I’m hoping the mama bunny won’t care that I touched her nest.

If the thought had crossed my mind that this might be a nest of some sort, I would have called one of the boys to come and pick it up.  They’re always looking under rocks and logs to see what lives there.  But the thought never even occurred to me.

All of these years here in the woods and there are still new things to discover.  Or maybe I discover the same things over and over.  I just can’t remember from year to year.

If the baby bunnies had been awake, I’m sure they would have been wondering why a human had lifted the roof off of their home.  But they slept through the whole thing.

I counted at least five, then covered them up so they could continue to nap in their warm, little, fur-lined grass nest.

Since I couldn’t work on that part of the yard because I didn’t want to disturb the bunnies, I decided to take a break from yard work and laundry, to take more pictures.

My thumbnail-in-need-of-a-manicure is in the lower left corner to give you an idea of the size of the object.  Does you know what this is?

Quiet please!  Calmez-vous, s’il vous plaît!  Don’t all yell out the answer at once.  The rabbits (les lapins) are still sleeping!

French Twisted Woman