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Sometimes, I wonder where I’ve been.  I don’t recall ever seeing this fruit in the grocery store before.  Maybe it’s new or maybe it’s been there for years and I just assumed it was some sort of lumpy orange.

It’s called an Ugli fruit.

It’s supposed to look that way.  And it’s not very attractive.  But it was screaming, “Try me!”  And so we did.

The Ugli skin is rough and wrinkled, but very easy to peel.  The rind is wrapped so loosely around the fruit that it almost floats inside the skin.  Because it’s barely attached, there’s no mess when you peel it.

After peeling, you can pull the sections apart, as you would with an orange.  The only negative for me was that the membrane around each section was a little thick, more like a grapefruit than an orange.  I liked it better after I peeled the membrane away.

The Ugli was very, very juicy and there were only a few seeds in the entire fruit.  It was about the size of a small grapefruit, so it was enough for two of us to share.  The flavor is citrusy – a cross between an orange or a tangerine and a grapefruit.  Not as sour as a grapefruit, but it definitely has a little tangy flavor.  I liked it.  I’m glad we tried it and I would definitely buy another one.

Do you like any uncommon fruits?  If so, which ones?

It’s time to make dinner.  Instead of preparing the Duck à L’Orange (Canard à L’Orange) that I had planned, I think I’ll make an Ugli Duckling!

Bon Appétit!

French Twisted Woman