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Together was a challenge for me because, although I have 1,978,602 photos of people “together”, there aren’t many that are prize-winning photos to anyone but me.  And they are only prize-winning to me because the subjects are the people I love.  So I chose a few that I thought were fun or interesting, even if you don’t know the people.

“Mama, guess what we are!  We’re a two-headed t-shirt monster!”  My sons wearing one of MacGyver’s t-shirts.

Another type of two-headed monster…young love.

Girlfriends at the beach.  I have no idea what they’re looking at or what they are doing, but whatever it is, they’re all in it together, really close together.

A group of the kids and their friends at the beach.  Note that MacGyver, who built the sand castle, is included in the picture.  He is one of the kids.  The years go by, but he will remain forever young at heart.

Not sure whose hair-do is worse, but, they’re in the bed…together, having a bad hair day…together!

Do you have a favorite?  Which one and why?

I wish you a good weekend!  Je vous souhaite un bon week-end!