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My son and I had to run a few errands yesterday.  We made the 20-minute drive over the creek and through the woods and into town.  The first stop was Walmart.  When we pulled into the parking lot, my son said, “Mom, if I’d known we were going to Walmart, I would have stayed in my pajamas.”  I laughed.

If you don’t understand what makes his comment funny, go to Google Images and type in “Walmart Shoppers.”  Take a look at the pictures of Walmart shoppers and the outfits that they wear.  Some of the images are scary in a too-much-skin-showing sort of way, so proceed with caution if you have children nearby.

Next, we went to the grocery store where one of the items on our mile-long list was tapioca.  My daughter had requested tapioca pudding for dessert.  Tapioca is an acquired texture.  I don’t think that it’s an acquired taste, because the strongest flavor in the tapioca pudding is the vanilla that you stir into it while it’s cooling.  Basically, it’s thick, lumpy vanilla pudding.  But it’s so good!

If you haven’t prepared home-made tapioca pudding, please try it sometime.  The recipe is right on the box.  Be sure to use a good, heavy-bottomed or non-stick pan so that you don’t burn the milk!  I know you need to use a good pan.  I speak from experience.

Here is the tapioca pudding in the ramekin.

A close-up of the tapioca pearls in the pudding.

My son believes that tapioca is a fancy word for frog eggs.

And you can see why.  I know that tapioca pudding tastes better than frog eggs.  I’ve never tasted frog eggs, but the pudding has milk and sugar and vanilla in it and what could taste better than that?

When we got home from the store, my daughter helped me make the pudding.  We were ready to add the tapioca, and she said, “Mom, look!  I’m an oyster.”  And there she stood in the kitchen with her mouth open and a tapioca pearl balanced on the end of her tongue.

There used to be a TV show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  I think my kids could be on that show.  They could also be on the shows called “Kids Say the Most Boring, Humorous, Meanest, Sweetest, Craziest, or Wonderful Things”, depending on the day.

Enjoy your day.  Smile!