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Here are some things I think about when I look at the moon.

“What a marvelous night for a moondance

With the stars up above in your eyes.

A fantabulous night to make romance

‘Neath the cover of October skies.”  ≈ Van Morrison

It’s not October, although with the bare tree branches in the picture, it looks as though it could be autumn or winter.  When I saw the moon from my kitchen window, that song just popped into my head.  And then I had to run outside to take some pictures, right smack in the middle of cooking dinner.  Sheer lunacy!

It’s hard to believe, when looking at the moon, that a human being has actually waked there, on the moon, over 238,000 miles away.  Amazing!

I also ponder what the cavemen or other ancient peoples thought when they looked in the sky and saw a full moon one night and a crescent moon another. If they had time to ponder such things between keeping their fires lit and dragging the bison carcass back to the cave.

And then there’s that other song.

“Somewhere out there,
beneath the pale moonlight,
someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight.”  ≈ Linda Ronstadt

And Moonlight Sonata.  Fly Me to the Moon.  Harvest Moon.  Blue Moon.  Moon River.  Many wonderful ‘Moon’ songs.

These are my lunar thoughts.

Upon seeing this moon, my son had his own lunatic thoughts.

Son:  Mom, do we have any spray whipped cream?

Me:  I’m not sure.  Why?  (If you have boys, you will learn to ask the question, “Why?”, because they will ask for common household items, and you will think nothing of it, but before you know it, there will be an explosion or something that involves flames or possibly flooding, or a lot of dirt.  Trust me on this one.  I’ve seen it happen several times.)

Son:  (Eyes twinkling with mischief)  I want to fill my mouth with the whipped cream, and then go out by the road to howl at the moon, with ‘foam’ dripping out of my mouth, and scare people in their cars.

Me:  No, we do not have any spray whipped cream. We have never had any spray whipped cream.  Do not look in the refrigerator on the second shelf because it is definitely not there.  You may not do that foaming-at-the-mouth trick by the road and that’s final!  (Exasperated sigh) Boys!

But I do love his creativity and imagination, seeing the full moon and channeling his inner werewolf.  I’m fairly certain he was only joking.  Sort of.

Sometimes, like now, after this foaming-at-the-mouth conversation with my son, France seems so very far away from my life here in the woods.  Mais, oui, it is far away.  3,700 miles from here to Paris.

There is a French expression, être dans la lune, which translates “to be in the moon”, meaning to be daydreaming or not paying attention.  When you see me daydreaming or staring off into space, please do not say “Bebe est dans la lune.”  (Bebe is on the moon.)  Instead, say, “Bebe est en France.”  (Bebe is in France.)  Because as much as I love the moon, given the choice, I’d rather be in France (or at least daydreaming of France), than on the moon any day.  And France is so much closer.


P.S.  A few hundred people are reading my posts, and yet only 1 or 2 are leaving comments.  You may comment anonymously or with a fictitious name, but please comment.  I enjoy hearing from people and you must have a thought about something… lunatic or not.  A favorite ‘moon’ song?