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Last night, I went to a jewelry party.  The jewelry was by Premier Designs, Inc. and it was lovely.  A style for everyone.  A range of prices.  But more importantly, it brought this group of women together.

While looking through the catalogue, I saw:

Colette earrings,

and Fleur-de-Lis earrings,

the Haute Spot necklace,

and a necklace from the St. Tropez line.  

Did you pick up on the theme here?  Colette, fleur-de-lis, haute spot and St. Tropez – what do they have in common?  They’re all French, n’est-ce pas?  And the most cleverly named set, classic silver bangle bracelets and matching earrings?  The French Twist, bien sûr!

And there were literally hundreds of other pieces available.  Below is the information for the Premier Designs Jeweler.

Approximately 40 wonderful women were present – so much estrogen in the room it was palpable.  If a male had dared to enter, it would have knocked him out – the estrogen, (not the perfume) was that strong.  And there was wine – no whine, just wine.  And more wine.

There were friends I see often, friends I see rarely, friends I hadn’t seen in many years, and friends that I just met.  We shared a beautiful evening of laughter, joy and jewelry.  And did I mention the wine?

Yes, the Premier Designs jewelry was lovely, but I think the true jewels at this party were the women, each multi-faceted, shining, brilliant, and beautiful in her own way.