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FrenchTwistedWoman was nominated by Elaine of the Following Augustine Blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you, Elaine.  I am truly honored and deeply grateful that you enjoyed my posts enough to list me as one of  the top 15 bloggers to watch.  So exciting!  Thank you so very much – Merci beacoup!

The only other unexpected award that I received was in high school.  It was the Woodmen of the World award for excellence in American History.  Woodmen of the World was founded in 1890 to enhance the financial security of woodsmen who cleared away the forest to provide for their families.  This was a complete shock to me as I had no extraordinary talent or interest in history.  To this day, I think someone made a mistake.  Either it was intended for the student whose name came before or after mine on the class list and the secretary made an error, or the faculty felt I deserved some sort of award and everything else was legitimately taken.  Woodmen of the World unite!

But how appropriate in the end.  I received the Woodmen of the World award and here I am, living in the woods, not actually clearing the forest, but in other ways, providing for my family.  Maybe I really am a Versatile Blogger and I do deserve this recognition and it was all meant to be.

I love blogging, from the woods.  Happy Friday!