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Yikes!  It has been a really, really, really long time since I posted.  Je suis désolée. I’m sorry.  Welcome Back!

I realize that there are still 75 days until Christmas, however, ’tis the season for Nutcracker preparations in our house.  My daughter dances with the local ballet company and my brain is in Nutcracker mode (aka Lost in the Land of Sweets) from now until December 1, the date of the last performance.

I truly would like to post regularly again.  If only I could find someone to help me iron 150 costumes made up of 6,582,793 yards of tulle, and each layer of tulle must be ironed separately, in case you were wondering…

This is how I imagine I will dress when I go to see the ballet.  If you click on the link you will see the way it is in my imagination.  I am the calm, serene, elegant Snowflake.

Nutcracker Ballet Ensemble

In reality, this is what I will be wearing as I watch the show on the backstage monitors.  This link will take you to the way I really move about backstage.  I can jump just as quickly as these dancers do, only not quite so gracefully and with a little less tumbling.  And if anyone tells you that ballet is easy, show them this clip.  “Dancers are the hardest working athletes.  Everyone else just plays games.”

Backstage at The Nutcracker Ballet

In addition to costume ironing, in my 4th year as a back-stage busybody, I am now also qualified to touch-up make-up on mice, attach angel wings, adjust and/or sew ribbons, bows, ties, tulle, and head pieces, and, (drum roll) I can even repair broken swords for the Mouse King and the Nutcracker as needed.  I will add those skills to my LinkedIn profile – angel wing attachment and plastic sword repair.  I am certain that someone is in need of those skills.

Now for the French Twist.  Ballet is a French word.  The dance originated in Italy in the 1400s and the word ballet was derived from the Italian word ballare – to dance.  Louis XIV formed the Académie Royale de Musique in the 1670s which eventually became the Paris Opera and the Paris Opera Ballet, the oldest ballet company in the world.  The Paris Opera Ballet School opened in 1713 and is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.

So, because the Paris Opera Ballet is celebrating its Tricentennial, or because the holiday season is quickly approaching, or because you would rather be in France and ballet is the next best thing to being there, get out and enjoy some live performances.  Dance, music, art, theater – expand your cultural horizons.  Learn and enjoy something new and refreshing, while supporting the artists in your community.

And as the Sugar Plum Fairy closes her book of dreams, I end this post and bid you au revoir and à bientôt, with a kiss on each cheek.