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This week’s photo challenge is to share a picture of something unique.  Oh là là!  Unique!  A French word.  Think Eiffel Tower, Coco Chanel, Quiche Lorraine

I have posted some unique photos in the past, such as the “bear” necessities, but the challenge is to post something new.  Here we go.  On y va.

unique 2

According to Merriam-Webster, unique has a few meanings.  One is peculiar or unusual.  This flower grew in my garden.  My children are sometimes a little peculiar, too.  I hope it is not something in the soil or the water that makes the flowers and my children this way – a bit unusual.

unique 1 (388x640)

Peculiarity in Children – Exhibit A

I was making the annual climb to the attic to gather Christmas decorations, and when I came down, this is how my daughter greeted me.  Apparently, when she heard the song, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” she thought they were saying, “All I Want for Christmas is to Be a Christmas Tree.”

unique 1a


Peculiarity in Children – Exhibit B

Another definition of unique is being without equal, or being the only one.  There is one child in the picture above.  Camouflaged, but look closely.

uique 2a

Keep looking.  Now you can see him.

unique 3a


There he is – his unique, wonderful self.  I never know what will come crawling out of our woods.

“The truly important things in life — love, beauty, and one’s own uniqueness — are constantly being overlooked.”  – Pablo Casals

Have fun.  Be the only one, without equal, peculiar, unusual.  Be yourself.

Be unique!