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As soon as I received the news that this week’s photo challenge was “Green,”  the words from a book that I read as a child, The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown, began tumbling around inside my head.

The kittens in the story, named Brush and Hush, like to paint, but they have no green paint.

And nearly every place they liked to go was green.

Green as cats’ eyes

Green as grass

By streams of water

Green as glass.

Isn’t that beautifully written, especially considering that it is a children’s book?

They mix colors together until they figure out the correct combination to make green and then they paint, “Green leaves and red berries and purple flowers and pink cherries…”  The kittens in the story are so pleased with their colors and their painting.  They live in a “big bright world” where the sky was “wild with sunshine.”

I think I may be a Color Kitten, too,

loving colors and painting the way that I do!

Here are my greens.

Green beans – asparagus green.

Sitting in the greens – pine green.

Near the green wearing lime green.

Mallards with green heads in the green grass – teal green.

Green shirts and more green grass – chartreuse green.

Green iguana – jungle green.

Green pump – just plain green.

So many shades of green.

You may think that the grass is greener on the other side, however, if you take the time to water and care for your own grass, it will be just as green.

Have a green day!  Un jour vert!