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The Weekly Photo Challenge is Blue.  Or bleu, en français.

From our local production of The Nutcracker Ballet, these dancers represented the Arabian Coffee.  This would have also qualified for last week’s theme – unfocused.

Grape hyacinths.  Because these pictures were taken on a cloudy day, they appear very blue.  On a sunny day, they are more of an indigo/violet hue.

Blue moon.

Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own.

From the song entitled Blue Moon by Rodgers and Hart.

The list below is from Jacci Howard Bear’s article on Desktop Publishing colors.  She lists these phrases to help people see how their choice of color might be perceived by others, positively or negatively.

Good Blue

  • True blue – someone loyal and faithful
  • Out of the blue – unexpected (could be positive or negative)
  • Blue ribbon – first rate, top prize
  • Blueblood – person of noble birth, royalty
  • Bluestocking – well-read or scholarly woman
  • Bluebook – register of socially prominent people
  • The Blues (capitalized) – popular style of music sometimes characterized by melancholy melodies and words
  • Baby blues – Blue eyes (also see Bad blue words)
Bad Blue
  • Feeling blue – feeling sad or depressed
  • Blue devils – feelings of depression
  • The blues (not capitalized) – depression, state of sadness
  • Blue Monday – feeling sad
  • Baby blues – post-partum depression
  • Singing the blues – bemoaning one’s circumstances
  • Blue laws – laws originally intended to enforce certain moral standards
  • Blue language – profanity
  • Bluenose – puritanical individual
  • Into the blue – entering the unknown or escape to parts unknown
Wishing you a good, blue day!  Je vous souhaite un bon jour bleu!

French Twisted Woman