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Preserves.  Conserves.  Fruit spread.  Whatever you call this, it’s delicious.   This is not an advertisement. The St. Dalfour company of France has never heard of me.  I just love this fruit spread.  A lot.  And not only because it is made in France.  Just because it’s that good.

My sister gave this to me as a hostess gift when she came for dinner.  I had never had it before.  I would now be interested in buying stock in the company, but it is family owned so that’s out of the question.  She paid $2.99 for it at The Christmas Tree Shop, and saw it a few weeks later at Walmart for $3.99.  See – they don’t always have the best prices.  You can order it online but it is more expensive, so do look for it in the grocery store or specialty/gourmet food shops.

Why I love the fruit spread…
  • It tastes great and it’s made with100% fruit!
  • No cane sugar or corn syrup added.  No artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Sweetened with grape concentrate.

What’s not to love about that?

The Four Fruits Spread has seven ingredients – the four fruits, plus grape juice concentrate, fruit pectin, and lemon juice.  I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

Why I love the St. Dalfour website
  • They are a French company and they have a recipe section.
  • They have a recipe for a Riviera Martini, which I will include at the end.
  • One entire portion of the recipe section is devoted to…Jam and Cheese!

This is how I sampled the Four Fruits Spread – on a grilled Cheddar Cheese sandwich.  I love the combination of cheese and fruit.

I grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches with jam which all of my friends thought was odd.  They either dipped theirs in Ketchup or tomato soup.  This is why I was so pleased to see a section on the St. Dalfour website devoted to jam with cheese, which is similar to jam with grilled cheese.  I’m not alone!

The website also provides a list of which of their preserves they recommend serving with which cheeses.  For example, they pair Black Cherry with Gouda, Pear with Brie, and Orange Marmalade with Feta.  Yum!

As promised earlier, here comes the Riviera Martini recipe.  I  figured I should test the recipe, prior to posting, in case it was awful…

To a tall glass, add a spoonful of your choice of fruit preserves, 1 oz. of water, 1 oz. of your favorite vodka, and six ice cubes.  (Absolut Vodka works nicely.)

Stir for ten seconds.  (I was having doubts when I looked at this, but stay with me.  It’s worth it!)

Pour into a martini glass.  (I opted for a wine glass because I’m walking around the house with it and I knew I would have wasted half of the drink by sloshing it over the edges in a martini glass.)

This is now my favorite drink.  Not joking.  It’s not too sweet.  Just a hint of fruit flavor. More fruit-flavored than the fruit-flavored vodkas, which I have tried and cannot taste the fruit in them.  Ever.

And this could easily be a non-alcoholic drink.  Just double the water and skip the vodka.  Or use seltzer instead of plain water.  Super cool and refreshing.  Very few calories.  Healthy.  What more could you ask for?

Because the fruit spread has pieces of fruit and seeds in it, there are some dregs in the bottom of the glass.  I suppose you could strain it.  I don’t know whether or not this stuff in the bottom of the glass will bother me, but I haven’t reached the bottom of the glass yet.  I’ll let you know.

To your health!  À votre santé!

French Twisted Woman

P.S.   This is not an advertisement. The St. Dalfour company of France has never heard of me.  I just love this fruit spread.  AND THE MARTINI.  A lot.