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Journey (le voyage) – the act of traveling from one place to another.

This photo was taken on a one-day journey, a hike on the Appalachian Trail.  But to me, it also tells the tale of a journey of millions of years – the journey of the Delaware River carving its way through a mountain, to form the Delaware Water Gap.

The left side of the picture, where we were hiking, is Mt. Tammany in New Jersey, and on the right side, across the Delaware River, is Mt. Minsi in Pennsylvania.  According to the Delaware Water Gap Recreation website, the Gap began forming 420 million years ago.  Then, only a few million years ago, water began to work its way through the mountain, eventually becoming a stream, then a river on its journey to the sea, carving out the Gap which now exists between the two mountains.  It measures about 1 mile wide and 1,200 feet deep.  For a more details on how the Gap formed, click here.

Here is the same photo with the kids cropped out, in case you’d rather just view the scenery and not the back of their heads.

And a few more pictures from that journey.

Sunday afternoon is a nice day to take a walk.  Or, go on a journey.

Get going – take a hike!  Allez-y – prenez une randonnée!