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My friend and I were lamenting that the sink and the dirty clothes baskets are never empty.  Ever! It seems no matter how often I do laundry or fill the dishwasher, there’s always another pile of muddy clothes or dirty dishes waiting.

I thought about our discussion again this morning, while watching the sun rise (le lever de soleil), and decided that I just need to enjoy the dirty dishes and the laundry while I can, because before too long, my reasons for dirty dishes and dirty clothes will be away at college and moving on towards their own lives, soon to be full of their own dirty dishes and laundry woes.

Sunrise 1st Shot – Instead of tackling the laundry and the dishes, I decided to practice my survival skills, avoidance and denial, and take some photos instead.

Sunrise 2nd Shot – Because I know, full well, that the mountains of laundry and the piles of dishes will still be there when I go back inside.

Sunrise 3rd Shot – I am not going to ask you to help with the laundry or the dishes today, but what I’d like from you, my friends, is to know which photo you prefer:  Sunrise 1, Sunrise 2, or Sunrise 3, and why.

How do they make you feel?  Even if you don’t like any of them, then which one is your most least favorite?  Or, if you like them all, which one is your most most favorite?

But you must choose.  Let’s pretend, (note: avoidance and denial – I’m good at pretending) that you have been granted one wish, but before your wish can come true, you need to choose a sunrise photo.

1)  Which photo of the sunrise do you like best?

2)  And more importantly, what would your one wish be?  (And, no, sorry, but you may not wish for an infinite number of wishes!)

I can’t wait to read what you have to say about my photo and about your wish.