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I stopped at the grocery store yesterday and they had fresh asparagus.  I chose the smallest, thinnest, freshest-looking spears, however, when I looked at them at home, I realized that these stalks, although thin in comparison to the remainder of the selection at the store, were like miniature tree trunks.  Oh well.  I’ll simply have to cut them into smaller pieces.

This flatbread is a quick, easy lunch, or dinner with a side salad.  At our house, it is served with a side of meat as the rest of my family is carnivorous.  The bread is filling.  Also makes a nice appetizer if you cut pieces into wedges to serve.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Mysteriously missing from the photo of ingredients is the oil.

I usually use Truffle Oil, but I had none.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil works just fine and that’s what I used.  Truffle Oil, if you’ve never tried it, adds a lovely, woodsy, nutty, truffley flavor.  Mushroom-like.  And, believe it or not, Truffle Oil does not contain any truffles.  It’s only truffle flavoring, but it is yummy.  Purchase a small bottle because it has a shorter shelf-life than olive oil.

This has nothing to do with anything, but whenever I say Truffle Oil, it reminds me of the Truffula Tree, from The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss.  Anything that begins with “truff”, therefore, must be lovely.  We took the kids to see The Lorax last week which also has nothing to do with anything.  Truffula, truffles, truffley, truff, truff, truff.  Now it just sounds funny.

Please begin squinting now.  This next photo is completely out of focus.

Take a few spears of asparagus – a few more if they’re nice and thin and tender, a few less if they’re like mine, miniature tree trunk size.

Break off the tough ends and cut into one inch chunks, smaller pieces if the stalks are tough.

Add a little water and microwave for approximately 2 minutes or until tender, but not so long that it gets mushy.  Or steam it if you prefer.

While asparagus is cooking, place about a tablespoon of EVOO or Truffle Oil on the bread and spread around with the back of a spoon or a pastry brush or whatever you like to use to spread oil.

For bread, you can use any type of flatbread that you like or Naan bread from India.  There are a variety of varieties, regular, whole wheat, garlic, sesame, etc.  Choose your favorite.

Open the Mozzarella.  Isn’t it beautiful?  There is nothing like a fresh ball of Mozzarella.    (And this is pre-packaged, but it’s as fresh as I can get it at my supermarket.)  It’s like a tomato from the garden, when it’s fully ripe and warmed from the sun.  You just want to cradle it in your hand and take a big, juicy bite.  Are you in the kitchen alone?  Go ahead.  Take a bite of the Mozzarella.  Nobody is looking.

Cut pieces of Mozzarella and place on the bread.  Use whatever amount you like.  With cheese, I’m from the “more is better” camp.  Love cheese!

Then drain and add the asparagus.  You may use any vegetables that you like.  Try thinly sliced zucchini or summer squash, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.  I am making another one with asparagus and tomatoes now.  Just be sure to pre-cook the crunchy vegetables so they are soft enough to bite easily.  Add some sea salt, Italian herbs, or whatever you like to season it.  In the summer, when you have fresh herbs, add some basil or cilantro or whatever fresh herbs you like.  It’s all about you.  It’s all about what you like.

Broil for a few minutes until cheese is melted, asparagus is a bit roasted, and things are hot.  Here’s the last piece of the first one.

And the last piece of the second one I made with tomatoes.  Delicious – délicieux!

Yes, I ate both of the last pieces.  The end.  Delicious – délicieux!

Now go make yourself something wonderful to eat.  Or if you’ve already eaten, start thinking about your next meal.  What will your next meal be?