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Moondance serendipity is one thing, but scarf serendipity?  Really?  Yes, really!  Yesterday, I posted about my passion for scarves.  Then I went to Target and look what I saw there…

Totally French!  The tote bag comes with a coordinating scarf tied to it.  At Target!  (I guess that’s why people pronounce it Tar-zhay.  It is a French store after all.)

When I arrived at home, I looked through the mail and saw these in our local, department store flyer…

Scarf around the neck, simply knotted and an interesting color combination.  You see, everything does not have to be matchy matchy.  And…

Scarf as a belt – gorgeous colors!  All of this, trending, right here, in Pennsyltucky, not Paris.  Could it be?  C’est vrai?  And just for fun, here is Photographer Jamie’s blog with  photos of Paris landmarks and Parisians from her recent trip to France and you will notice that everyone, even the child playing at the fountain pool, (with the exception of people eating in the café who I would like to believe have removed their scarves to eat) is wearing a scarf.

I procrastinated on the original scarf post because I know not many people share my passion for scarves.  But this scarf serendipity – posting the scarf bit and then seeing all of these scarves later the same day made me so happy, I wanted to sing.  So I wrote this song.

(Please sing along to the tune of The Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension, you know, “When the moon is in the Seventh House…”  Click on the link and ‘Play Song’ to listen if you have forgotten or don’t know the tune.)

Wear one around your waist or neck
Or on your head while in a car
Tie one to your bag today
‘Cause soon we’ll all be wearing scarves

This is the dawning of the Age of the French Scarf,
The Age of the French Scarf, OOOOOOoooooooo.

Scarf serendipity.  How do you wear yours?


P.S.  Visit French Country Cottage soon and enter to win this scarf.  Winner announced next week.