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Apparently, it took me a few minutes too long to fold the laundry.  My daughter and I were chatting, she was in the hall and I was in the laundry room.  Suddenly, she became very quiet… And this is why.

I stumbled across this picture in a file while I was looking for something else entirely.  In the same way, I have discovered some wonderful people online while blogging.  A completely unexpected and pleasant surprise – new virtual friends.

One of the lovely women I have “met” is Marie-Ora of How Do You Say That Word?  On her website, she pronounces words in a variety of languages – French, Spanish, Italian, German, and more – focusing on foods and everyday phrases.  The next time you go out for dinner at a French Restaurant and would like to order the cuisses de grenouille (frog legs) but you aren’t sure how to pronounce it, get your Smartphone out and get to her website, tout de suite.  Marie-Ora will pronounce it for you so you can place your order en français.  Très simple!

Yesterday, I came across this website.  If you have ever taken French lessons and would like a quick review of basic phrases and vocabulary with games and illustrations, or if you are the least bit interested in learning a few French words and their pronunciations, this site is cute.  Nice for kids.

If you enjoy listening to spoken French, I highly recommend a visit to  http://onethinginafrenchday.podbean.com/.  Follow along with the written words in English or French as Laetitia narrates, in French, an event in a typical day from her life near Paris.  And her accent … bien sûr, c’est parfait!  In a few minutes, you can improve your French ear and your accent, or simply add a beautiful bit of French to your day.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

There are so many fascinating people and a gazillion bloggers and websites online.  Thanks so much for taking time to visit me.  And feel free to share me with your friends.  Spread me around like butter on a fresh, warm, flaky croissant.  I promise I’ll try to fold the laundry faster so I can blog more!