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Some cousins! (This is not my photo - maybe Donna's? If anyone knows please let me know and I'll credit the photographer. Thanks.)

Another quick post because Company’s Coming, and because I would rather be here writing than cleaning and doing laundry any day!

If I hadn’t married MacGyver who has 5 brothers and sisters, 24 nieces and nephews, and 87 cousins (that’s an estimate on the cousins – too many to count)…

And if 25% of them weren’t coming to visit this weekend…

And if my house wasn’t a perpetual cycle of clean, bake, wash, scrub, cook, pick-up, tidy, dust, repeat…

And if I hadn’t been awake at 1:00 AM going through the pile of all the mail from the past three weeks yesterday’s mail so I could check for coupons to make my shopping list to prepare the meals to feed the masses…

Then I would have missed out on this!

Ironically, yesterday I posted a bit about my garden.

Notice the expiration date.  I have five days left to select the plants and seeds for my garden and take advantage of this $25.00 coupon.

You see, sometimes things happen for a reason.  If I hadn’t married MacGyver and between 18 and 80 relatives weren’t coming this weekend, and I didn’t have to clean, bake, wash, scrub, cook, pick-up, tidy, dust, and figure out what to serve them,  I might have left the pile of mail untouched for another three weeks few days and I would have missed out on the $25 coupon.

Family for three days PLUS a $25 garden coupon?  Priceless!

If I can sneak another post or two in over the weekend, I will.  If I can’t, I’ll see you Monday.  Enjoy your weekend!  Bon weekend!