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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Mine are probably worth about 500.  This sunrise sky was so glorious.  I can never seem to make the photos do justice to the real thing.  The clouds low in the sky were bright, reflective white, almost like mirrors.  Photos are not retouched because I do not have a photo manipulation program that I know how to use yet.

Clouds higher in the sky were a glowing, pink color.  Breathtaking to watch as the sun rose and the clouds changed from their intense, mirror-like look and varied colors back to regular clouds during the few minutes that I had set aside to enjoy my Café au Lait.

I am up at 5:30 Monday through Friday, and as much as I would rather still be warm under the covers, I do enjoy the sunrises.  And I’ll be able to catch the sunrises this weekend, too.  My husband informed me last night that a few of the people from his side of the family, about half the population of the state of Maine, will be coming to visit this weekend.  And a few from New York and Maryland, too. If you’re a relative and you missed the announcement about the exodus to Pennsyltucky this weekend… Come on down!  There’s always room for one or five or ten more.

The sun is now up over the ridge.  And shining right in my eye.  Yes, just one eye, because I am sitting perpendicular (sideways) to the window, but as it popped up over the ridge and I could see the brightness out of the corner of my eye, I turned my head to look at it.  (Why? I knew it was the sun!)  Now I’m seeing white spots on the computer screen.  What I intended to say before I looked at the sun, was that it is up over the ridge and it is time for me to get moving.  Time for me to get busy.  I have things to do, places to go, food to prepare, mountains to move.  Mountains of laundry.  Before guests arrive on Thursday.

I’ll always remember the first year that my husband’s family came to our house for Thanksgiving.  I think we had 52 people for Thanksgiving dinner that year.  I had shopped and prepared what I thought would be enough food for the entire 4-day weekend.  They started arriving on Wednesday, and by Wednesday night, I was out of food and back at the grocery store.  It was my first time feeding them.  I had no idea.  I love them all.

This week will be easy.  I only have to shop, cook, and clean for 18.  Not 52.  But it still sounds overwhelming when you are used to serving six.  I’ll just have to cook what I normally do, and multiply by three.  That makes it sound so simple.  In the meantime, I’m going back to bed to pull the covers over my head.  Wake me up when it’s over.

Seriously, I’ll need to serve meals Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  What shall I make?  Please post your thoughts in the Comments section before Wednesday, so I have time to shop for the groceries.  Merci and thank you so much for your assistance with my weekend job mob menu.