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The weather outside this morning was foggy.  Very foggy.  Thick as pea soup in London foggy.  And gray.  You should be able to see a mountain behind the trees in the woods, but it is obscured by the fog.  I’ll post a picture later today, after the fog lifts.  If it does.

I am feeling a bit foggy, too, in a vague way, not a bewildered, I’m-lost-in-London-in-pea-soup-fog way.  I have plans to go to town to meet an old friend for lunch today.  She’s not old, but the friendship is.  It has been so long since we’ve seen each other.  I’m wondering if we’ll have anything to talk about or anything in common now.  How much have we changed since we knew each other years ago, before husbands and kids and life as we know it happened?

I thought about not going, but then the words of the great philosopher, Nike, popped into my head.  “Just Do It.”  So I’m going.

(Here is where The Wicked Washer intervened and I  had to take a break from writing this post.  https://frenchtwistedwoman.com/2012/02/15/the-wicked-washer/ )

And I went for lunch and now I’m back.  It was wonderful.  There was food and talking and more food and more talking.  (How bad can anything be if good food is involved?)  We ate at Thai Orchid in Stroudsburg.  http://www.thaiorchidtakeout.com/   Although the website address indicates takeout, they do offer casual, dine-in service as well.  Food was great, wait-staff was wonderfully pleasant, prices were reasonable, and service was fast and efficient, too.  If you like Thai, give it a try!  That’s not their slogan.  I just made it up.  Anyway, back to the lunch.

We were so busy talking and eating, I didn’t take any pictures of my food or my friend.  But we still had lots in common, lots to talk about and we had history, the tie that binds.  When I returned home, the sun was out, the fog had lifted, and I wasn’t feeling the least bit foggy any more.

What’s stopping you from rekindling an old friendship?  Afraid that they won’t respond to your text?  Thinking that they might say “no” to your offer?  Don’t over-think it.  That’s my job.  Just take a leap of faith.  They will probably be as happy to re-friend you as you are to re-friend them.  (Thanks, Facebook – now “friend” is a verb.)  I challenge you to make an attempt to rekindle a friendship this week.  With email, the internet, and Facebook, it’s as easy as un, deux, trois!

Happy Friending,