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Living in the woods near the mini-mountains, our winter fun activity is primarily skiing.  Two weeks ago, MacGyver took the kids to ski for the morning and I had four hours to  myself.  What did I do with those four hours?  Did I get a massage or a manicure?  Did I go back to sleep?  No.  I used that time to get rid of the builder-grade, brass (ugly)  light fixtures in the dining room.  These are not antique brass fixtures.  These are the bright, shiny, new yellow-gold ones which are probably some sort of faux brass-colored metal.  Did I mention they were ugly?  See the picture below.

Well, I didn’t actually get rid of them, I painted them.  I had been putting the project off  for a few reasons.  First, I knew that I would have to take the fixtures down to paint them, and I don’t do things that involve electricity.  In theory, I understand how it works, but it still scares me to touch bare wires that could potentially electrocute me.  But I just couldn’t stand the brass any longer, so I flipped the switch and touched the wires.  Second, I was afraid that MacGyver would growl at the idea of painting over the brass.  Better to ask forgiveness than seek permission.  I should have known better.  It’s been two weeks since I painted the chandelier and two sconces, we eat in the dining room almost every night, and he hasn’t even noticed yet!  Go me!

Close-up of the Hammered finish

The paint that I used is Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Finish.  It has a texture that is similar to hammered metal and is available in a few other colors.  Super cheap.  Super easy.  And I like the results.  Someday I’ll replace the fixtures, but for the time being, they are so much more attractive this way.  Since he didn’t notice that I painted them, I wonder if MacGyver will notice when I replace them?  Let me know what you think about the new paint finish.  Do you like it?