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Yesterday, in the midst of writing my post about my Café au Lait, I was Googling around a bit, searching for information on coffee.  I didn’t end up using any of it in my post, but it was very interesting reading.  That happens to me a lot.  I Google. I read.  Suddenly, it’s 2:00 AM and I have to get up at 5:30.  Hence the need for this café au lait!

I stumbled across the site for the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.  They “…strive to create a difference in the world of coffee…Our goal is to give women the independence by empowering them with the knowledge and monetary support that will help shift the role of women in coffee growing communities.”  This led me to Grounds for Change.  I could almost smell the coffee aroma on their site.  I had no idea how drinking the “right” coffee could benefit women!  I think I mentioned before that it takes a long time for news and fashion to travel to my neck of the woods.  I am sometimes in the dark here.

Then I found the Full Circle Exchange whose goal as a non-profit, innovative social enterprise is to …”empower women and whole communities to rise above poverty through economic opportunities that are sustainable, holistic and dignified.”  You can order coffee directly from them or you can also buy their coffee at Walmart.  I know…Walmart.  Free shipping so you don’t need to go to Walmart to get it!  It’s all certified organic, fairly traded, and they offer a delicious FRENCH Roast, too.

It’s important to give back on all levels – to the world, to the community, and to your neighbor.  Charitable organizations need donations of time and talent.  But we are all soooo busy.  And they need monetary donations.  But we are in a recession.  The least I can do, the next time I purchase coffee, is to buy from a brand that is:

  1. Organic and fairly traded – giving back to the world
  2. Supported by one of the organizations that empower women – giving back to a community of women somewhere
  3. Best when shared with a friend – giving back to a neighbor .

I think we should all shop for coffee this way.  Amen.